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“TATVA” stands for “Axiom”. Axioms are those self-evident and fundamental truths that form the foundation of all our knowledge and understanding. Having the right axioms enables us to lead a better and happier life. Our education will correspondingly aim to instil in children the right axioms for their life. This would include a strong grounding in observable reality and the consistent and unfailing application of reason to every aspect of life.

To create a generation of individuals who make rational choices to enhance their own happiness

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Learning words would the primary language development activity at the earliest age.

Scientific temperament is the habit of asking “why” rather than accept explanations at face value.

Motor Skill Development at TATVA would include Gross and Fine Motor Skill Development.

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Sheryl loves spending time at school which means she is very happy being at TATVA,giving attention to every child is what makes TATVA very attractive to parents like us.

Parent of Joan Sheryl